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lou: the house taking on obamacare. navigating to push and coax americas into obamacare. an essay n capable of are treating 75% of all internet traffic. the irs going after tax exempt groups. they president bypassing congress to push a cell phone tax to pay for internet in all schools. a senate majority leader determined to up the running. especially all this week. it has me feeling very weak. so much big government firing on so many fronts that it amazes me that republicans have all but raised the right flag. the speakers proposing a punch. we will get into it later. the reality is right now. the air but government is back with a vengeance. and doesn't give a darn how much you complain welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. we don't stand a chance. now we have a congress that doesn't only take a pass on spending, but a president who bypasses them altogether when it comes to taxes. the fallout for you is startling. with me now is a guy whose temper is kind of short tonight. tj, it's always good having you. you were kind of like that he said he saw all of this coming. what you said is
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, but a lot would have to go to private institutions, to go to bank of america who could jack up the price or interests a lot higher than government, that creates another problem. neil: you do see that -- you keep feeding the beast. >> you put a ceiling on what government can give you is fine, but have to go to private lenders. i would have had to go to bank of america for example or whatever it was. you know because i'm ancient, they did not exist. neil: then i am -- scotty, we have to do something we can recognize risk of thoseho need the aid not getting aid, but bigger risk no one gets aid because it will be priced out. >> not like the republicans are against education, but what is the real hype crease, barack obama is champions students supposedly, he will make $50 billion in profit off of the interest from the loans, ise doing this in best interest of students, if we gave government grants to make it equal to have status quo is fine, but this administration is using it to make a profit to make up for other losses. >> you are suggests that other presidents did not have pehl grants orel
. >> what you make of that that america is not worth the fight right now. we don't want to get in the middle of this right now? >> i go back and forth to brazil. i am good friends with a lot of the folks on the flight and we talk about this issue. you basically have two make a deal with unions and this whole merger was orchestrated by unions. and have the government step in and say not so fast the one you know why this one? countless others? >> i mean, it caught everyone by surprise. now the stock is down significantly for shareholders since he made the announcement. there are a lot of negotiations with the government. we don't how many times and maybe the management was somehow part of washington national where they have 66% of the slots in the combined carriers. neil: that's right, right into their financial high. maybe they filed a lawsuit to soften up the management. we don't know what is going on behind the scenes. but i think there will be some give and take and i think it will be resolved. it's only fair because these guys are really kind of the odd man out and they will be very weeke
, it is not happening. >> i will give america's round of applause. have you done better than everyone else in the world getting through financial crisis. take my home country of the u.k. >> i had no idea you were british. >> we have the gq boys in charge as you call them. we did too much too soon, key we have anemic growth, the chief of imf said you have not done well. this year they will be lower -- >> still adding to the debt? >> yes, but are leading the way and world in the recovery. you don't want to be a brit, you to be in america. neil: what do you think, we get it, and greece, whatever its turn around is not us. >> i'm not sure we get it in america. after 2008 we "saw 4" years of a trillion dollar plus deficit, just because it half that now it is too high, but back to greece, i don't think that greece is a country we should be following in terms of fiscal paths. if you look at it, the unemployment rate there is over 25 percent, 2 -- two-thirds ofl youth cannot find a job, but they have to listen to foreign creditors telling them how to run their country, they waited too long. @%il: lizzy, what
's third largest media chain. flight of the eagle, the grand strategy that brought america from independence. he joins us. very good to have you. >> thank you for inviting me on. neil: what do you think he is in for? kino this industry better than most on this planet. you talk about its potential online and the internet, what have you. can he tap that? >> i think so. i am not qualified to sit in judgment on the cyber talents of some one soul accomplished as the founder of amazon, but he must have in sites that would dilute meet. i think the comparison with the company is misleading. the letter that company up with a colossal amount of debt and then took an unconscionable length of time pealing of secondary assets. he sold the news in longgisland to the drolen family and a nice price, but he never did get around to the selling the chicago cubs and so forth. he just took too long and there was soup -- too much debt there. the head of but too much money into it. neil: and we did have them all down a year later. having said that i'm curious about one thing. >> he's paying his own mo
and not you guys. what do you think if. >> i think it's a wrong. i'm for corporate america getting tax cuts. great for the big guybut problem is they're all c corps where most of us are s corp.s. so our revenue flows down individually. so we're tacked at individual rate. that is just wrong. if thegave us the tax cut we could go out and do things like re people and buy new equipment and invest in our business. but, no, they'reot going to do that. neil: a lost you pay at the top rate anyway, that top individual rate. that is almost 40%. you know, butch that it means, that in week we're handing out favorses and benefits and nice little promises and goodies, you got left o. >> when will it stop, neil? i'm afraid to open a newspaper. i read it about other day. i called my accountant. what does it mean for you? it means you're paying 12% less than you are. isn'that ridiculous. with 12% more mone hire two people with benefits all year long or p to work and buy more equipment. corpations doesn't need that. we need this. neil: small business accounts foremost of the hiring in this country and most o
cain's character. this is what he does, it is outrageous in th the context ofa serious contest in america. this is a guy who will say anything, then run from it let's also not forget 7 years ago, this is the guyho said, that barack obama was notable because he was the rare african-american politicians who did not speak in harry reid's words, yet o yet on quote, unquote, negroro i d leg. gro di dialect. neil: i forgot about that. >> 50% of the country does not prove to the job that barack obama is doing, i you go to those amecans that represent every strand of the spectrum from conservativeemocrats who look at obam obamacare and realg it is not doing anything it promised too, doing many things it promised it would not do, to younger americans who are trying to find a job. to all kinds of americans who don't see this administration keeping its promises in issue after issue. you ask that 50% of americans, do you think you are racist for not approvining of te job tt the president is doing? they don't buy this harry reid says the things to put republicans on the defensive, and says these thing
is says supply and demand. the problem we have in america and around the world today is at there's a lot of supply and not enough demand. and we need to focus not on redistribution of wealth but on the creation of demand that ultimately is what willreate better times for everybody, better jobs for everybody, and a better future for the entire country. neil: you have made money in good and bad markets alike. your purview, commercial real estate, has been largely linked to what has been going on in this city. they just sold a couple of $90 million penthouses' of essential part in a building going up. the properties, usually sell for cash. commercial real-estate is hot, hot, hot. deasy that continuing or do you see that it is just a matter of time before it hiccups? >> i think that commeial real estate, first of all, your description of it is a little extreme. i do not think it has been so terrific. neil: it has been -- >> i was goi to say it has really been terrificn new york city. neil: chicago. >> and in san francisco. a couple of other markets. but -- neil: better than residential. >> t
from big government back over to big business, saying corporate america to to blame, why would i draw attention to myself, my firm and industry for that matter and risk -- >> you become a target? >> if you were an indendent, strong talking aigovernment for smaller government business guy, you risk getting shot down by the president. as anti-american in some way, he you i predent who has an open contempt for business in many ways, you didn't build that somebody else did. you have over stock patrick byrne and do gdaddy's bob parson you have people what are willing to tea speak there mind but thee are more people running scared. >> do you think it is hose who do r -- those who do rub folks the wrong wayhat get things done are those who standout, and maybe washington could take a lesson from that to be willing to agitate? >> that is possible we see that in future, but right now talking abouthese leader talking outside the box, upside stops at a distracti, washington is not calling businesses, in what they think in terms of getting america back on track, we're still in a environment wre bu
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disclosure donors, like 527s, in america, this is why it is concerning. first of all, irs, it is not that hard of a policy, you cannot be 100% political, you can be 49% and other work. that is the standard. neil: but here is the dressing, i don't assign all sinister political motives to him, i heard this, that the law is very loose. very vague, and i guess what prompted a lot of concern about whether it is being abused is shear number of filers for that exemption status, a lot of liberal groups did not like that a lot of conservative, tea party groups, saying they were trying to take advantage. but do you think that law itself has lent to that vaguery. >> the law has been around for a long time. neil: the aggressive policing of it? >> but the law has not changed. citizens united opened up to more group to utilize it in different ways, and here is the idea, instead of filing a lawsuit, how about defying social welfare. you know irs admits in their policy memos there no legal definition, not even a court definition, of social welfare, there are examples, well this benefits t
but a fairness doctrine. that all of success in america is partf a public domain we should share. he is getting closer to closer of saying this is how it should be. we should have some form of prosperity no master who is earningt. >> it has become such a big nanny state, the money crisis is because everyone was entitled to a cheap home. this is going to open the door to more risk, excessi lending. charles: these same banks, if they went through with this they would be sued 5 years from now for the next bubble. but i guess, at the end of the day, there is no way this is going through unless american public. decides this is the direction we want to go. this feels le a do-or-die moment. do we want to stay with thing that made us greatest country in world or trying something different or fair. bargain for so-called middle class. >> i tnk that next election is a question of do the american people want a nanny state there is a belief everyone that deserves health care, is entitled to health care, and a house, and look we have over 7% unemployment. 46 million people on food stamps, 16 tllionebt. i thi
>> freedom is over, if this keeps up, america is over. >> admitting. that people should not expect privacyhen they send messages -y their g mail acounci account. people who use web based e-mail cannot be surprised if their e-mails are processed by the recipient e-mail provider in cause of delivery, a person has no legitimate expectation of privacy in information he voluntarily turns over. >> hold it right there, if i was e-mailing joe smith, it is his e-mail. if i thought there was a conga line to read it, i would have included them i a groupail, but i did not because this is joe's mail. you are doing this on all folks. don't equate sending an e-mail with sending a letter to the post office. i do not expect my mailman to en it and read it before the guy gets it. and i do not expect as resip yen of the e-mail that i am faish fair game, now i have to live with privacy invasions that come any time i open something from someone that uses egail s g mail, are you kidding me? only from a company that makes goofy glasses c you get a policy that proves that executives' heads are up their as
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it worse. >> there's a woman who will be raped in a field in america somewhere today. she has no right in this country. we have to end that. there are children who are going to cry, and there are marriages that are going to be destroyed because someone is going to be deported today, and there's going to be children left orphaned in this country. neil: okay. if those arguments don't work, go for crazy. democratic illinois congressman with a town hall push to get the immigration law done, but that seems to prove here, and i like the congressman, but, boy, looks undone there. anyway, maybe because logic ain't selling it, so go for bonkers. is bongers thinking any good coming from the immigration law that's flawedded? >> don't pass a law versus rather based on threats. don't pass a law based on threats like that. the logic here is that he opened himself up to fear mongering saying, all right, these people who come here illegally and put themselves in harm's way, they wouldn't be in harm's way if they came here legally. being here illegally puts themselves in harm's way. neil: now women are
can talk about a new tone, every time i look at these protests, the sold america is sata protest, he is unfortunate to see it unravel under his watch. we left with few admirers and fewer friends. a story that makes it so tough for us. increasingly give the world less reason to follow us. it could give us little reason to invest in us. you keep doing this and lose respect, you lose your draw. >> $81 billion fled out of the country according to the fed department in june, the most recent data, that was a new record. double the old record from last month. it is everything, treasury and security, equity, whatever you've got. people are pulling their money out of the country and putting it elsewhere. that is a huge problem because we have depended on this to financeour spending ways. we have no other way to get it done. neil: this whole british thing, maybe we overplayed our card, but it is like we have to beg, borrow and search for friends, anybody who will listen to us. >> the house of commerce is a real shock not just the obama administration. i think everybody. interestingly the house
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. >> don't believe it. we should look at what's best for america and not trying to pick sides in an impossible war like this not on the side of the american people, and the american people right now, by a very large majority oppose the war. the constitution can't support the war, and morally, we can't support the war, getting involved in a civil war and a strike that's. going on in the region for thousands of years. neil: right about that. we have very unclear rationale for doing what we're doing. we'll see. ron paul. in the meantime, play this out to ron paul's argument. missiles launched, message sent, assad unnoticed. rick a bell here? didn't bill clinton do this with hussein and reagan with gadhafi? shaken, stirred, and for years still stirring and plotting and killing until we came back and, well, kill them. that's the thing about messages, it requires the not receiving them to understand them. more often than not, the nut does not. a word for warning for investors out there looking for certainty that wants missiles fired, things go back to normal, and the syria sicko is
-rod is appealing and he is ready to play ball. anyway, america fouund out about this on the internet. we will have that story next. and who cares about the apple samsung dispute? telling the rest of the world all about it friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. neil: just check this out. a quarter 80 billion of his own dollars, according to "the washington post." betting big on him making money, what you think? >> 250 million just on the face of this idustry. but i think it's a good idea for him. he understands something has to be different the newspaper is still stuck in the 19th century. neil: it's like aa toxic atmosphere, owning a newspaper could they run into the same thing? >> absolutely. >> this is "the washington post" that no doubt has a bunch of buyers. neil: that make sense with barack obama. because why would they like to get apple in that long legal back-an
. anyway, america found out about this on the internet. we will have that story next. and who cares about the apple samsung dispute? telling the rest of the world all about it neil: just check this out. a quarter 80 billion of his own dollars, according to "the washington post." betting big on him making money, what you think? >> 250 million just on the face of this industry. but i think it's a good idea for him. he understands something has to be different. the newspaper is still stuck in the 19th century. neil: it's like a toxic atmosphere, owning a newspaper could they run into the same thing? >> absolutely. >> this is "the washington post" that no doubt has a bunch of buyers. neil: that make sense with barack obama. because why would they like to get apple in that long legal back-and-forth. so here is something, should we continue actually praising the fact that the president could do that? said this is misguided. what you think about that? >> good for the white house. saint-saens copied the iphone and the ipod. something called the power to veto. that is what our country is doing. ne
wild. is good customer service debt and america? and the e fi things you should never buy at the supermarket. the outrageous markups on some of the most popular brands. we're watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ gerri: all that and more, but first our top
on vocasion. when most of america gets back-to-school next week, where do youhink they will be? still on vacation. if you think there is a sense of alarmo the hill, hell no, among pressing items that congress is taking u whe when they get backo work for 9 days, a hearing on the environment, pardon me, that is n the storm i was talking about. glad to have you i am neil cavuto, say what you will of a president who likes to bypass congress, sometimes you can't blame him because it is hard to find congress. a house speaker whose best proposal to keep the develop spending is by keeping the government going for another couple of months while republics get their ducks in order, how quaked is this there has to be a better way maybe a third party way. to dallas mavericks owner. who does not like the way this particular ball is bouncing. mark going along with so much tonight, good to have you. thank you. neil: what do you think of this, you talked about that o loud for campaign and during campaign i would imagine since, for good reason you are frustrated. >> i don't think that anybo fully ident
's back into america illegally has become the victim. someone who has been able to live off the system, put the kids in the school, obviously live better here than they could in their own home country has become the victim. this citizen victim, the undocumented citizen victim that somehow details of turned and we have to treat this whole thing with kid gloves. one of the reasons we have not been able to come up with any sort of comprehensive agreement as we are not being honest. someone committed a crime. they have done enough to redress that, that's one thing. they are not citizens, but we would like to fix that. neil: the same thing that drives us to want to double the minimum wage. the hike may be, but had troubling not. becomes a laughingstock. to even pursue how you pay for that or even fixing the illegal immigration mess, how you pay for that. all lost in the sauce. >> political correction gone amok. just really amok. no one is thinking -- really the narrative wholeheartedly the president believes that there is so much money in this country that there should be shared wealth. nei
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 54 (some duplicates have been removed)